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Julie Reid
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Julie Reid

Julie Reid, is an early childhood educator, parent coach and curriculum developer. Julie has spent many years studying and teaching the principles of parenting, in the context of child development and education. She clearly illuminates for parents time-tested principles and tools that can transform the natural crises that are an integral part of childhood into opportunities for learning. Incorporating the work of her partners, Kris Reid and Alisa Daglio, which includes the “Mind, Body Action”, a program fighting against childhood obesity and winner of a congressional medal, gives the Art of Aware Parenting programs a comprehensive curriculum. This approach to our relationship with our children gives a balanced emphasis to a child’s mental, emotional, physical well-being forming the heart and soul of what Julie calls the Art of Aware Parenting. Julie is working in LAUSD through LA’s best implementing the “Power Parents”, “Teacher/Parent”, and “The Garden” programs.
Phone: (818) 442-7737
1507 7th Street, #356, Santa Monica, CA 90401 map / directions