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Beverly Babysitters and Company
Samantha B.
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Beverly Babysitters and Company

Teens. Moody? More like Motivated. (or at least we are)

 Hi, I'm Samantha! As a driven girl with a bright future, I have always wanted to get my hands on some work. As a fifteen year old girl, it's much harder to find... And for some reason, people don't want to hire teenagers-- especially someone as young as myself. They think they will lack the necessary qualities to fulfill the job ahead. Well, here I am to tell you, that's not true. My fellow sitters and I can all agree that at this age, we are the most eager to start our path to independence. We created our own business, that would actually hire teenagers just like us. We would like to introduce you to our very own, teenage built, and run, Beverly Babysitters and Co.

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Phone: 310.428.6431

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