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Parenting the Whole Child
Darlynn C.
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Parenting the Whole Child

Ever wonder how a great parenting moment can suddenly spiral into chaos, frustration and tears? Do you want to get out of the 'misbehavior-yell-punish' spiral? Darlynn can help you learn how to avoid those tricky parenting moments. 

Darlynn teaches Parenting the Whole Child, a practical parenting program that empowers parents to teach children emotional intelligence and personal responsibility through emotional coaching and effective limit setting. Using a 4 step parenting process, called The Behavior Spiral, parents learn how to stop reacting to misbehavior in anger, and instead use empathy and limits to teach responsibility.

Here are the steps of the behavior spiral

  1. Self- Regulation - for the parents!
  2. Emotional Coaching
  3. Limit Setting
  4. Resolution
Contact Darlynn today to book your private coaching sessions (sessions are online or by phone). Darlynn is ready to help you feel more encouraged and empowered in your parenting journey!
Phone: 310-403-3718
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