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Mary Elizabeth Photography

My name is Mary Elizabeth Gochnauer (MEG) Lehmann and I believe photography is an art in which every image should be crafted and composed from the subject’s essence – who they are and what they represent.

After spending the majority of my career in documentary photography, I decided to apply my industry expertise to those just like me in the Orange County area: people building families. I have three children of my own and this process made me realize how quickly time flies. It’s those little details, the ones you promise yourself you will never forget, that begin to slowly fade as they get older and new adventures replace the past. My goal is to capture your favorite moments with your newborn, child and/or family – all those fleeting memories you cherish and never want to forget.

My passion lays in family photography, especially newborns and babies. I believe there is no single moment more magical than when one becomes a parent. I therefore see it as an honor to be part of capturing this incredible process, documenting one of the most special periods in a parent’s life. My job in photographing these wonderful, little people and entire families goes far beyond just snapping a few posed shots. I aim to capture not just a moment in time, but all of the emotions that come with it—what it means to become a family and your journey in and beyond every incredible moment.

I began my exploration of the world of photography in Barcelona, Spain where I lived while studying at the Universitat De Barcelona for a year and a half. My photography education began here, and my most valuable lessons came from working with several successful, famous photographers from around the globe. I traveled to Greece and worked with the world-renowned Constatine Manos. I gained my education in the field of documentary photography from my time with Stella Johnson. The award-winning Bobbi Lane taught me the art of portrait photography and lighting.

Phone: (949) 412-2239
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