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Jen Castle Photography
sarena k.
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Jen Castle Photography

Based in Los Angeles, Jen Castle Photography is best known for their candid moments and evocative portraiture and have delivered priceless memories for several seasons now. With the [jcp} family portraits, they are able to combine skills with pure play. They schedule the perfect location beforehand & bring a few props but for the most part, it's all about your little one & what makes them tick; how fast they run, what makes them sing & what their favorite past-time is. "I adore chasing, hide-and seeking, story-telling & make-believe in order to bring out each childs unique personality. Sheerly candid and bursting with personality, their spontaneity blends perfectly in with my journalistic approach. My favorite part of the job is the feedback I get from them.  After a few shoots, I find that they start to recognize me. They get excited, hold my hand and involve me more and more each time I document them. I pride myself on not just shooting pictures but creating keepsakes with the memories of who they were, at that stage, always attached.  For me its all about those moments, for each individual child, as well as for the family collectively." -Jen Castle
Phone: 323.449.0721