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Mor Levy, RDN
Mor L.
Neta D.
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Neta D.

Mor Levy, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that has her Masters specializing in Pediatrics, Women, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. She also is a Lactation Specialist and Doula. Lecturing both for undergraduate and masters level courses and having been involved in a few research studies, she is an expert in everything related to maternal health. She has experience from Kaiser Permanente, Cedars Sinai, the VA, and many other hospitals and clinics. Interested in a class or an at home visit. 
Phone: 415-272-7224
22527 Uhea Rd. , Woodland Hills, CA 91364 map / directions
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1 comment

Neta D.
Neta D. 4 years ago

I have to say that Mor is by far the best at what she does. First of all, she is so compassionate about her work that she will even get up at 3 AM to help a woman breastfeed. I was ready to give up because it was so hard and Mor did not let me. Her encouragement made me feel so good and I was able to have my baby latch on when he was 6 days after being fed formula in the beginning. Everyone needs to have Mor in the hospital as soon as they give birth so she may help them!!