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Aura Cycle
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Aura Cycle

Aura Cycle and Aura Yoga are West Hollywood's first and only fitness studios that couple intense workouts with a unique sensory experience. Our patented lighting designs compliment each segment of our workouts by shifting tones in tandem with changes in the workout. At Aura Yoga, the spectrum of the room gently shifts along with changes of poses, and at Aura Cycle, blues become deep reds as the class intensifies.

The Aura experience lifts you out of workout mode into a mental and physical state that allows members of all fitness levels to perform at the peak of their abilities. The specific color schemes used in our yoga studio open each of your chakras, allowing for a more balanced, effortless practice. At Aura Cycle, the experience is so energizing that the burn of the workout becomes and afterthought, and only after the class is over does one realize how much he or she has sweat.

Phone: 323.570.0570
8231 W 3rd St. , West Hollywood, CA 90069 map / directions