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Pump and Splash
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Pump and Splash

Ever notice that kids are drawn to water? Whether it's chasing waves at the beach or throwing rocks into a stream, children want to interact with water in many different ways. 

Pump and Splash was started by us, David and Aileen Chase, to get kids outside, get active, and most importantly....have fun! (and if they happen to learn about the properties of water along the way, then that's just a bonus). Plus, we wanted to provide a great alternative or addition to the typical children's birthday party. 

After seeing an interactive water feature exhibit at a children's museum with our two boys a few years ago, we got the idea of bringing the fun of pumping water to our backyard. Inspired by what we saw, Dave built the first "Pumper" prototype and the boys went crazy! They would spend hours with their friends, pumping and playing with the water in the tank. We were amazed at how long it kept the kids' attention. 

It wasn't long before Pump and Splash was born! Pump and Splash offers interactive, kid-powered water features for parties, events, and preschool water days. We have several different designs to choose from with more coming all the time. There's even a pump where two children race each other to see who fills the bucket the fastest! 

All of the pumps are designed and built meticulously by hand and are kid-tested to be safe, strong, and durable. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly because you only have to fill them up once because the water recirculates from the tank to the pump and back again. 

It's not necessary that the kids get wet, but this is an activity best enjoyed in the warmer months and for children ages 3 and up.
Phone: 818.352.7031