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Amy S.
Tracy F.

Twin Gift Protocol

Amy S. 6 years ago

So I have twins....I just got asked by a stranger while I was in the toy store with them, what I would expect or be happy with as a birthday gift. This is such a hard thing because "it depends." The mother wanted to know if she HAD TO get 2 of the same item, or 2 similar but different items, or a gift to share.

It sadly, DEPENDS! My girls are identical twin girls but have very different interests. However, when getting a gift, it will cause quote an uproar if they get different IF that item is a big hit! 
Santa brought ONE doctor's kit this year. It was the hit from the moment it was unwrapped. It was for Sarah. We found ourselves in the toy store for Julia's doctor's kit within days because the fighting would not cease.
My vote for gifting to twins:
Same item. OR same with slight difference in color, style....
Preferably NOT an item to share....thought this DEPENDS too.....my girls once got a Tent and share it and love it.

Any thoughts on what dilemma you face when GIVING to twins? I know it is hard. Oh, and I vote save the money on the 2nd card! That they can share :)

Tracy F.
Tracy F. 6 years ago

I always struggle with this when gifting to two friends both of whom have same sex twins.    I usually opt for clothing because I feel like there is less likelihood of the gifts causing an issue and the gifts then don't have to be identical.    But sometimes I feel bad because I know the kids would prefer toys but it stresses me out to pick.