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 Classes & Activities
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Annie D.
Tracy F.
Elizabeth B.
Jodi A.
Mandee L.
Cherie H.

Toddler Activities

Annie D. 6 years ago

What are people doing (activity wise) with their little ones on the weekend? We need some fun new ideas!

Tracy F.
Tracy F. 6 years ago

We have been bored too with a lot of park time.  I just heard about a place called CDI Early Learning Center and Garden.   Apparently it has a really great indoor play setup for this time of year toddler aged kids and outdoor areas as well.  I also heard the KidsSpace children's museum in Pasadena was great.    I have friends who visit both regularly on the weekends.

Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B. 6 years ago

My 15-mo. old just likes to be out of the house. He's not bored with going to the park, but it's nice to change up the routine every once in a while. My son's into things that move right now--construction trucks, garbage trucks, airplanes, etc. This week we made it out to the observation deck at Santa Monica airport. It can get a little loud out there, but we had lunch on the deck and made an afternoon of it. They've also got a park and a museum at the airport but we didn't get a chance to test them out.

Jodi A.
Jodi A. 6 years ago

Any area festivals or farmer's markets are always fun. The aquarium or the zoo are always a hit.

Mandee L.
Mandee L. 6 years ago

CDI is in Canoga Park and it is a really great indoor play space. Amazingly it is totally free! We have been going since my little one was about 11 months, but it is probably better for around 15 months and up.

Cherie H.
Cherie H. 6 years ago

Check out Caperz! You can enter your kids age and it'll tell you activities and classes you can do together.
Caperz helps you find fun activities and classes to do with your children. Share your plans and set up play dates with your friends too.