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 Child Safety
2 replies
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Tracy F.
Krystle V.
Amy S.

Toddler Getting Out of His Crib

Tracy F. 6 years ago

Any tips for what to do when your toddler (only 15 months) is trying to climb out of his crib?  We don't want to use the crib tents.   How early do you take them out of the crib and move them to a bed?

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 6 years ago

oh man! I am scared for this to happen! Do you have a bumper? If so maybe remove? He can be stepping on it to lift himself.

Amy S.
Amy S. 6 years ago

I have twins girls who climbed out of their cribs early. They would whisper to each other and do it together to run down the hall and wake up their brother sleeping soundly in his room!! We caught one in the middle of climbing (her sister just got out faster) one night and she got stuck mid-air trying to pull herself back in. HILARIOUS!

My advice is not conventional. I got them comfortable with it and showed them only spots that were safe (away from corner dressers, etc) and I knew they could climb in and out. Rug on floor, hope for the best, and tell them not to climb out when it is sleep time. My girls got themselves in and out of their crib night and morning until 3 (big girls beds just purchased.)

I feel like the fact that it was allowed helped them lose interest in night-climbing quickly.