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 Green Baby
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Tracy F.
Laura W.
Christine K.

"Green" disposable diapers

Tracy F. 6 years ago

What are my options for "green" disposable diapers?   I don't think I can make the leap to cloth diapering, but would like to choose the greenest disposable option.

Laura W.
Laura W. 6 years ago

Hi Tracy,
Have you considered using a hybrid diaper? Hybrid diapers are great for those that are not fully committed to cloth (as the part that baby wastes on can be thrown away) and the cloth cover reused over and over. This is a better option than a full disposable because the outer shell of 'sposies take between 250-500 years to breakdown in the landfills. Using a hybrid diaper, the other shell is cloth and will be reused hundreds of times. The inner part of the diaper (the disposable part) should only take about 150 years to decompose.
If you are still into disposables, I (sorta) like 7th Generation because they are chlorine-free (diapers that are not can contain traces of dioxin and you don't want that anywhere near your baby!). I have heard rumors that 7th Gen dyes their diapers brown, but when I called to inquire about that- they wouldn't tell me what kind of dye is used. :( Basically, I would encourage you to call the diaper manufacturer and ask questions. If they have something to hid, I'd continue my search.
Here are some that I have done research on and found to be "good" disposables:
-Bambo Nature
-GroVia (full disposable and hybrid option)
-G-Diapers (hybrid option only)
-Brody Chick
-Naty Baby Care (also called Nature Baby Care)

Hope this helps!!

Christine K.
Christine K. 6 years ago

Hi Laura,

I've been using Naty Baby Care (Nature Baby, as Laura mentioned). It's made petroleum-product and chlorine free. It also seems that the SAP that they use is plant-based. All plant-based products that they used are harvested from sustainable crops and forest. I try to go the cloth route, but when out and about find that disposables are easiest. So, Naty and Seventh Generation have been my choice.
With the exception of the NB size by Naty, that brand's diapers seem to run just a little smaller than the others.
Also, I've purchased them through diapers.com, which has discounts often.