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 Child Safety
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Tracy F.

Car Seat Safety Tips from Jennifer Beall of CleanBeeBaby

Tracy F. 4 years ago

This Week's Guest Expert:  In honor of national Safety Month and Car Seat Safety Week in September, we are excited to have Jennifer Beall of CleanBeeBaby to talk with us about the importance of regular car seat and safety checks.

About Jennifer: Jennifer Beall, Founder of CleanBeeBaby, a mobile car seat cleaning and safety company, is a Certified Passenger Safety Technician and is an expert on car seat safety, car seat installations and stroller repair. CleanBeeBaby services thousands of car seats and strollers a year - in Southern California and New York City.


Jennifer's Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe in the Car

Thank you for inviting CleanBeeBaby to discuss the importance of regular car seat cleanings and safety checks. One of the most important purchases a new parent makes is a car seat.  Children spend many hours sleeping, eating, and drinking in their car seat. Because children spend so much time in their car seats, the care of this item is important but often overlooked by busy parents. Regular car seat cleaning and safety checks can help prevent any potential safety issues.

Here are some little known facts on car seat safety:

1.  Keep it clean. Cleaning all the nooks and crannies of a car seat can be difficult - a little apple juice and cheerios never hurt anyone, right?  Wrong!  A major national car seat brand, recently had to recall over 4 million car seats due to issues with the buckle device getting stuck in emergencies -caused by food and beverage getting stuck in there.  That's nearly one car seat for every baby born in the US last year! The answer is simple: keep it clean, and if you have a major spill - stay safe by cleaning it up or having an expert, like CleanBeeBaby, help you.

2.  Know the expiration date.  I can't tell you how many moms and dads bring an older car seat in to be cleaned and reinstalled for their next child only to find out that their car seat has expired.  If you really think about it, it makes sense. Car seats go through a lot with babies and kids in and out, spills and of course - heat and cold. Modern technology is also constantly upgrading our safety systems.  Typically, you can find out your car seat expiration date on a sticker on the side of the plastic frame.

3.  New car seat after an accident.  After a car accident, even if your car seat wasn't visibly damaged, it's best to replace it.  Thank goodness it did its job and kept your little one safe.  Many insurance companies will replace the car seat free of charge (no deductible) after an accident. Additionally, local Children's hospitals, like Children's Hospital Los Angeles, have experts and programs to provide a loaner or even a replacement car seat for those that cannot afford another one.

4.  Keep the accessories to a minimum.  There are so many cute and fun accessories for baby gear these days. However, when it comes to your car seat, keep the accessories to a minimum and only use products that are made by the same manufacturer as your car seat. Your car seat hasn't been crash tested with third party items on it, and you don’t want hard toys or unapproved accessories to impact the performance of your seat in a crash. Use of some accessories could even invalidate your warranty, so make sure you read the fine print.

Learn more about CleanBeeBaby HERE.