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Megan's Weekly Tip: EGG CARTON CREATION!

Megan R. 5 years ago

With a kiddo, even breakfast can lead to an exciting adventure! So before you take out the recycling, try your hand at our favorite EGG CARTON CREATION!

- Open your empty egg carton and cut it in half longways, right at the fold. Now you should have the two sides separated.

- Use the egg carton's top half (the more shallow side) as an artists' palette! Have your little fill each cavity with a new paint color. Maybe leave the last few for "custom colors" where you mix your own favorite shades together.

- Flip the bottom half of the egg carton over so that it has little humps. Now you are ready to paint your Carton Caterpillar! We even glued two googly eyes on the front to complete our cute creature.

- While your caterpillar dries, create a toddler-friendly Color Challenge! Can you find small objects in nature or your house that match each color in your palette?

The egg carton creations are endless. All you need is an appetite and imagination!