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Megan's Tip of the Week: Make a Jammin' Jellyfish!

Megan R. 5 years ago

Get those paper lunch bags ready for more than a PBJ, it’s time you meet our JAMMIN’ JELLYFISH today! All you’ll need is a paper bag, scissors, and washable paint.

- Start by checking out photos of real life jellyfish. Examine all of the vibrant colors together for crafting inspiration!

- Cut the lower half of your paper bag into small strips. Bigger kids will love to practice their scissor skills on these stinging tentacles!

- Paint your jellyfish paper bag with multiple colors, swirling them together as you go. Littles will love getting their hands messy to create the silky, slimy texture!

- For a final touch, add some googly eyes and maybe even a jokester jellyfish smirk!