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 Feeding & Nutrition
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Tracy F.

Organic Eating

Tracy F. 5 years ago

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Why Expecting Moms Should Consider Going Organic for Earth Day and Every Day

Guest blogger:  Kwany Lui, co-founder of Bundle Organics prenatal juices


In celebration of Earth Day, it’s a great day to start eating organic foods every day.  A healthy diet and good nutrition during pregnancy ensures that your baby gets the best start possible. After all, the food you eat is your baby’s main source of nutrition! The best diet for an expecting mom is packed with organic fruits and vegetables, full of nutrients, vitamins, calcium and folic acid.


Making good food choices is vital for baby’s growth and development throughout pregnancy and beyond.  For those who don’t typically eat organic, pregnancy is often times a catalyst for women to turn towards organic foods and a commitment to a healthier diet and lifestyle choices.  At Bundle Organics, we make the transition to healthier eating during pregnancy easier, with a line of prenatal juices packed with USDA organic fruits and veggies and fortified with OBGYN-recommended nutrients to compliment your daily prenatal vitamins.  For expecting moms, organic produce can be a beneficial addition to their new healthy routine.


First, it may help to understand what organic actually means -- The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a set of standards for foods labeled “organic”. These foods must be grown, handled, and processed without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, weed-killers, genetic modification, germ-killing radiation, hormones, or antibiotics. According to USDA Organic guidelines, foods labeled 100% organic must contain only organically produced raw or processed products. All foods labeled organic must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. If you read labels that say “made with organic ingredients”, these foods contain 70% organic ingredients. For foods that contain less than 50% organic ingredients their main labels cannot use the word “organic”, but the side label featuring the ingredients can.


Organic produce does have fewer - if any - pesticides than conventional produce (however, organic foods can become contaminated with pesticides when chemicals drift over on the wind from nearby non-organic fields).  Whatever an expecting mom eats will cross the placenta and be shared with her baby in utero, and can also come through in her breast milk after delivery.  


Organic foods can cost more than conventional foods, but it may be worth the extra cost during pregnancy, breastfeeding a newborn, or when making food for your baby or toddler.   While going organic may be more expensive, you can be more selective on which products you buy organic.


If you can’t switch to a complete organic diet, I would suggest starting with a small change. Make the first switch by purchasing The Dirty Dozen, which are the most contaminated fruits and vegetables, from the organic aisle. Commonly-consumed produce like apples, strawberries, kale, and spinach have the highest levels of pesticide residue of all fruits and vegetables. An extra precaution against pesticides are produce washes, which are recommended to rinse off any lingering pesticides and can be found in most grocery stores.  And lastly, you can peel off the outer layer of the produce’s skin where the pesticides are most concentrated.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and well-balanced diet is so important for expecting moms and their growing babies. To ensure pregnant moms get the nutritional requirements they need, we created Bundle Organics, a line of juices designed especially for expecting moms, packed with USDA organic fruits and veggies and fortified with OBGYN-recommended nutrients that compliment daily prenatal vitamins.  For moms who are looking for ways to supplement their nutritional intake during pregnancy, we hope you’ll give Bundle Organics a try.  You can get 15% off your first order at Bundle Organics with the code BUNDLE15 at checkout.  All the nutrients we have in our juices are good for pre-conception and breastfeeding too!


Guest contributor:  Kwany Lui is the co-founder of Bundle Organics, a new line of organic prenatal juices that are pasteurized and specially designed to address the unique nutritional needs of expecting and new moms.  The juices are packed with organic fruits and veggies, plus an extra bump of essential vitamins like iron, calcium, vitamin D, omega 3, and folic acid to support a baby's healthy development.