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Tracy F.

Tip of the week from Megan for playing with your kids!

Tracy F. 5 years ago

Boredom Buster / Tip of the Week:

Don't pack away those plastic Easter eggs just yet! 

For a great morning activity, use them to "cook" scrambled eggs side by side. Once they're cracked open, make sure your little chef can correctly match them back together. 

For a new take on an old game, play a round of Memory. Take 3 different color egg halves (or more for older kids) and place them face down on your table. Hide a jellybean underneath one and then have your player guess which egg might be hiding the candy treasure. For each wrong guess, rearrange the egg order (without moving your jellybean) so your player has to remember which eggs she has already turned over. 

For a quick craft, use the plastic egg halves (face down) as stamps. Use different color washable paints and you've got yourself a geometric circle masterpiece!