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Tracy F.
Krystle V.
Leslie L.

Weekly Healthy Living Series (Week 18) - The Importance of Vitamins

Tracy F. 5 years ago

About The Series:  Welcome back to our weekly healthy living series. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified each week when the post is up.

This Week's Guest Expert:  We are excited to have one of our favorite guest experts and fellow mom, Leslie Williams of The Wellness Company, back to talk with us about Vitamins!  

Guest Post from Leslie:

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard.  We work all day and sometimes all night doing the things moms and women need to do and sometimes - no, most of the time, we neglect ourselves and our health.

With winter fast approaching, I have been asked by many busy moms for some tips on how to be proactive about staying healthy during the cold and flu season.

I’m going to share a little with you about what I do, and how vitamins and supplements can benefit you and your health!

My name is Leslie and I work for an internationally regarded health and wellness company called Melaleuca.  This company truly believes in being proactive about health.  We manufacture a complete line of vitamins and supplements that will help you enjoy better health, and hopefully get you and your family through cold and flu season like a pro!

There are a couple of key concepts to discuss here first. 

Number One - It is not enough to just eat healthy whole foods these days.  Our soils are so over-farmed and depleted that they are not the same as they were 30, 40 years ago.  What does this mean for the food?  Well, the food does not contain the same nutrients that it once did.  Spinach then and spinach now are different!  They do not contain the same mineral content!

Number Two - The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) published again in 2012 that it was their stance that every adult, regardless of age or health, needs a daily multivitamin to fill the nutritional gaps in his or her diet.

Number Three - The vast majority of vitamins and supplements available on the market are not doing what they claim to do.  Most conventional vitamins test at a solubility rating of about 8-10%.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that your body is only absorbing about 8-10% of what is in the vitamins. 

So, what should we do?  Find a vitamin and supplement line that works and does what it says it will do.

That’s where Vitality For Life and Oligo come in.  Oligo is a patented technology that only Melaleuca possesses.  It works just like nature.  Oligo prebinds minerals to organic proteins and fiber to mirror how they exist in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods.

Well, what does that mean?  It means, that once you ingest these vitamins, your body recognizes them and absorbs them.  Remember the 8-10% absorption rate of most vitamins?  Well, these test at 85%  That is a HUGE and noticeable difference.

May times people tell me they don’t take vitamins because they don’t feel a difference.  Well, with conventional vitamins, they are right!  Some people even feel nauseous when talking vitamins.  That is because the “other” vitamins just sit in your stomach and aren’t broken down and absorbed.  No wonder your stomach hurts!

I encourage everyone to take a look at these amazing vitamins.  In fact, we have a 90 day challenge.  If you take our vitamins for 90 days and don’t feel a marked difference, the company will refund 100% of your money.  With a challenge like that- you can’t NOT try them!

We have an array of vitamins and supplements for everyone. 

Here is just an idea of what we can provide to help you feel your best and stay healthy during the winter!

Vitality - Multivitamin and Mineral
Vitality - Calcium Complete
CellWise - A broad spectrum antioxidant - protects agains free radicals and on the  cellular level
Florify - A probiotic for digestive support
Activate - An immunity support (like Emergen-C)
Omega 3’s - For brain, heart and eye health

We also have natural heart health solutions, eye health, joint support and more!

For more information and to schedule your tour of the store, please contact Leslie at lmlauten@gmail.com or call 818 269 5114

Sleep better, have more energy, and stay well.  Here is to your health!

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 5 years ago

what is your opinion on fluoride?

Leslie L.
Leslie L. 5 years ago

Hi Krystle!

Thanks for the question.  I have done some research about flouride.  I tend to stick with peer reviewed journal articles, and set aside most internet pieces.  It is a personal decision.  What I am mainly concerned with for myself and my family is the amount of toxic chemicals in everyday products, like chlorine bleach, formaldahydes and other toxins.  I am admittedly less concerned with flouride.  I use one of our toothpastes with flouride, but we have a non fluoridated option for those who wish to stay away from it.  We also offer a flouride free kids toothpaste.  Please let me know if you have any other questions!  I am happy to help you find the answers you are looking for!