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Tracy F.
Jennifer L.

Weekly Healthy Living Series (Week 12) - Healthy Meal Ideas for Picky Toddlers

Tracy F. 6 years ago

About The Series:  Welcome back to our weekly healthy living series. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified each week when the post is up.

This Week's Post is focused on Healthy Meal Ideas for Picky Toddlers:  

This has been a recent topic of discussion in our community.  Lots of moms looking for ways to get their now picky toddlers to eat something other than Mac and Cheese every day.    So we collected suggestions and are sharing them here this week.  Please join us in adding your tips and tricks in the comments.

Which bring us to the first point, sometimes the key is how you prepare and present the foods to your little one rather than what's on the plate:

(1) They love to help at this age.  Let them "help" you make their lunch or dinner so they feel excited and a sense of pride in what they made.   Be dramatic about how delicious it is and see if they are more likely to eat your creation.

(2) Along the same lines, take your little one grocery shopping with you or better yet to the Farmers Market to pick out the food.  They get excited and can be involved in the process.  Also great is starting a small garden with your little one and making food from the garden.  

(3) Dipping.  We found this one to work really well.  Dipping anything seems to make it more fun.   We use a lot of ketchup, syrup and guacamole here.   Those three seem to be good options for dipping most anything.   Make your own guacamole and/or buy organic where you can to make this a healthier option.

(4) Sneak in the healthy stuff to the foods that they already like and are easy for them to quickly eat on the go.   For example, you can make veggie pancakes or veggie muffins.  We frequently make little egg and spinach muffins that can be grabbed on the go and eaten in a few bites as a healthy snack.

Here are a few easy healthy meal ideas for fall:
  • Soups - make your own or buy organic soups with noodles, lentils and veggies.  These are quick to heat up and you can siphon out the broth leaving the good stuff that the kids can pick up on their own.    Pair with corn or pumpkin bread fall for dipping!!
  • Mini pizza cups that you make together.  Press dough into individual muffin cups, spoon pizza sauce into each one then sprinkle with ingredients of your choice: cheese, sliced mushrooms, chopped green peppers etc.. and bake at 375 for about 15 minutes or until crusts are golden brown and cheese is melted. 
  • Wrap cheese sticks in sliced fresh turkey breast.  Let the kids help you roll them up. 
  • Apple Cartwheels - core out apples and stuff with a healthy mixture of peanut butter and honey (add raisins if you want). Refrigerate for 1 hour and cut into rings for the kids to enjoy.
Don't forget to share your favorite go to meals for picky toddlers.

Jennifer L.
Jennifer L. 6 years ago

A trick I picked up from my husband. Place whatever you want your toddler to eat on your plate, anticipating their rejection of the food on their plate, and offer to share. Then make an experience out of it by talking about what you are eating, the texture and tastes, and what you are feeling.

In terms of making it an experience, my husband got my son to eat after he absolutely refused to eat for me.  My husband began picking up pieces of finger food or a fork with food and flew it around like an airplane, making all the sounds, and my son loved it. He opened his mouth right up when that food came in for a landing.  Needless to say, averting food strikes has become his fortay.