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 Feeding & Nutrition
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Tracy F.

Weekly Healthy Living Series (Week 9) - Safer Baby Bottles

Tracy F. 6 years ago

About The Series:  Welcome back to our weekly healthy living series. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified each week when the post is up.

This Week's Guest Expert:  We are excited to welcome Pacific Baby World to talk with us about an eco-friendly bottle and cup option for your kids. 

About Pacific Baby World's Eco-Friendly Bottle & Cup option:

Pacific Baby is the World's Leading Providers of high quality thermal
baby bottles. 

Benefits to these types of bottles for your baby include:

  • Thermal – our 7oz wide mouth thermal baby bottle can keep the temperature up to 10 hours and our 4oz wide mouth thermal baby bottle can keep the temperature up to 6 hours whether it is hot or cold.
  • Long Product Life – starting from birth and converting easily to sip cups and drink bottles the range has a long product life of 5 years +
  • Enhance Visibility – our thermal bottles have more visibility than any other brand. With wide-necks and inner scales, up to fully removable insert plastic bottles, we offer parents greater liquid visibility than any other steel baby bottle.
  • Fashionable – stylish and fun designs make attractive, cosmopolitan additions to your diaper bag.
  • Eco-Friendly – using one bottle for five years instead of throwing away 4 to 5 plastic bottles and sip cups.
  • Safe – BPA free and successfully tested against numerous European and North American safety standards.
  • Clean – stainless steel bottles are also naturally bacteria-resistant, which is why most hospitals use them.

To learn more visit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FVbPbRGbvo&feature=youtu.be