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Tracy F.
Leslie L.
Krystle V.

Weekly Healthy Living Series (Week 7) - Safer Products for Your Home

Tracy F. 6 years ago

About The Series:  Welcome back to our weekly healthy living series. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified each week when the post is up.

This Week's Guest Expert:  We are excited to have Leslie Williams of The Wellness Company to talk with us about having healthier safer homes for our family.  For more information, please email Leslie at lmlauten@gmail.com or call 818.269 5114.

Leslie L.
Leslie L. 6 years ago

Hi Tracy!  Thanks so much for inviting me to speak about a company I feel really strongly        about!  I love helping moms and families have safer, healthier homes.  

Who I Am and My Mission to Help Moms

I am a mom.  A real mom, like all of you.  A mom who is concerned about sleep schedules, poop colors and whether or not is ok for my son to eat grilled cheese sandwiches for the rest of his life.  I don’t wear designer jeans (they no longer fit), and at times I have to ask myself when I last took a shower (yesterday??). I try to be a good wife. I do Zumba a few times a week, and I love a good Pinot Noir.  I have a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, but chose to stay at home with my son for his first few years. 

Before my son was born I didn't really pay much attention to words like "toxins", and "green", and "BPA".  Once he was here, however, I felt scared.  I was scared of cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry and mopping the floors; I was scared of him getting into the "poison cupboard".  I once made my husband take him for a drive just so I could clean the bathtub with Tilex.  And I didn't allow them back until the smell had gone away and I no longer felt dizzy.  (Hours, by the way….)

Then I found this amazing US Manufacturer!

I have become very passionate about this company and the non toxic products that they manufacture.  I began to do a lot of research on the toxic chemicals in our homes.  I learned there are over 17,000 chemicals in our common household products.  Only 30% of those have been adequately tested for negative effects on our health and less than 10% have been tested for effects on our nervous systems, and nothing is known about the combined effects of these chemicals when mixed together in our bodies. I found out so many of the everyday products I was using had chemicals that cause death, cancer, central nervous system disorders, respiratory illnesses, hormone disruptors, and many other health problems.   

Now my mission is to help others discover that there are better alternatives out there to these harmful products.  To help moms provide a safer home for their children.  To help families whose loved ones suffer from asthma, eczema, allergies, heart disease, and more.  I help people save money, save time and be more environmentally friendly.  I love sharing this great company with others.  

I have a few favorites I'd love to share with you!

What: Eco Sense Cleaning and Laundry
Why:  16 non toxic, highly concentrated cleaning and laundry supplies that you can feel safe using!  And, BONUS!  They actually work!  Many times people who use green products complain they don't work - well, these will get the job done safely and cost effectively!  All of our scents are made with essential oils - no synthetics for us!  Great for kids and parents with allergies and skin sensitivities.  
Fun:  Tough & Tender All Purpose Cleaner doubles as a fruit and veggie wash AND a bubble bath!  What?  So cool!

What:  Vitality For Life Vitamins with Oligo Technology
Why:   These are the most soluble vitamins on the market today.  They are scientifically proven to give you four times more mineral absorption, five times the protection of critical antioxidant vitamins, and ten times more solubility.  The Oligo technology (patented, by the way) prebinds minerals to organic proteins and fibers to mirror how they exist in fruits, vegetables and other whole foods.  Our vitamins have a solubility of about 85%.  Most conventional vitamins come in at about 10% solubility!
Fun:   Take the 90 Day Challenge.  If you don't feel a marked difference, they will refund 100% of your money - empty bottle guarantee!!!

What:  Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant
Why:    I will say that I believe EVERY household should have this product.  EVERY school, and EVERY daycare too!  It is the first EPA approved natural Hospital Grade disinfectant on the market!  It kills staph, E. coli, MRSA, H1N1, and more!!!  It is 100% safe, non toxic and you can use it around kids, pets and food!  I use it every day. 
Fun:   Use it on your cutting boards after cutting raw meat! 

What:  Access Bars
Why:  This amazing exercise bar has over 10 patents on it.  It was invented by a doctor who studied ground squirrels.  He wanted to know how they could store fat for hibernation, then burn it on demand for survival.  If they could do it why couldn't people?  Well, now we can.  Access Bars help access your stored fat, they increase endurance, and you will have less fatigue and less soreness.  They also help prevent weight reagin.  Brilliant, and so delicious. 
Fun:  They are only 130 calories and they are gluten free!!!  They are used by some famous Olympic Athletes too!!

What:  Sei Bella Skin Care
Why:  This is the best skin care I have ever used.  I have tried many others, Lancome, Kiehl's, Clinique, etc.  This is so gentle and effective.  Sei Bella uses only pharmaceutical grade ingredients, no formaldehydes and the products are gluten free.  I use the Hydrating Facial Cleanser, the Daytime Delivery Lotion (with SPF 15), the Nighttime Creme and the Eye Cream!  They have advanced tetrapeptides and use cutting edge science to produce results!
Fun:  Try the new Luxury Creme!  It beat $410 a bottle La Prairie!!!  You won't need any Botox after this!

What:  FiberWise
Why:  Fiber is so important to everyone - and we don't get enough of it!  Fiber is for more than just regularity!  Fiber can provide:  Large intestine and digestive support, heart protection, an immunity boost, weight control, blood sugar regulation, it is a fatigue fighter, and a natural cancer fighter.  Enough reasons to take your fiber?  No?  Well,  FiberWise contains 12 grams of fiber from 7 different fiber sources, vitamins A, C, and E, and soothing herbs, probiotics and antioxidants.  Now, go drink your fiber!
Fun:  Mix with your favorite beverage like OJ! 

The company manufactures over 360 products.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We are an online shopping membership, and your membership entitles you to numerous discounts and benefits.  We have two levels of membership, so there is one that is a fit for every family and every budget!!

I would be honored to help make your home safer, healthier and happier!!

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 6 years ago

this is great thank you!


Leslie L.
Leslie L. 6 years ago

You are welcome Krystle!!  

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 6 years ago

where can you buy Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant and what is in it?

Leslie L.
Leslie L. 6 years ago

Hi Krystle!

We are online shopping - please let me know how to contact you.

You can reach me anytime at lmlauten@gmail.com or at 818 269 5114

The Sol U Guard is Thyme and Citric Acid.  I can send you more info if you email me!