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Tracy F.

DIY Arts & Crafts Ideas

Tracy F. 6 years ago

DIY Arts & Crafts: Posted below are a few very simple DIY Arts & Crafts ideas that can be done with toddlers.   If you try them out, tell us what you thought.   Make sure to share your own go to home projects with the group and be entered to win our Arts & Crafts giveaway.

Giveaway: All who participate in this discussion during the month of August will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Amazon.com to stock up on art supplies for your little one.

Arts & Craft Project Ideas:
1) Use chalk to draw a "city" of roads on the driveway and give the kids toy cars to push around on the roads.  You can do the same thing with painter's tape on the floor/furniture inside.

2) Mix cornstarch and water until it resists like a solid when you touch it on the surface gently but acts like a liquid if you poke your finger in it.   They will love playing with the texture of it.

3) Rainbow rice.  Take uncooked rice, rubbing alcohol, and food coloring and mix it up in ziploc bags (a bag per color),  then lay it out to dry--doesn't take long since it's alcohol and not water.  Put it in a big, flat, under-the-bed storage tub and let the kids sift through it mixing up the colors and pouring it from cup to cup.

4) Pour baking soda in a dish.  Use a leftover medicine dropper and give them a cup of vinegar.  They can squirt the vinegar on the baking soda and it foams and bubbles.   Great source of quick entertainment.

5) If you're willing to get messy, make a big tray of Jello and give them cookie cutters to cut stuff out and then just smush it in their hands.   This is perfect if you think your kids will eat the project.

6) Let them help you make dough and then let them smush it around and play with it.  When they're bored of that, roll it out and let them cut out shapes.  Bake them and then let them paint them when they are cool.  This is a good multi-part project that can take up a good part of the day.

7) Draw their name on a paper or a simple picture and let them glue pasta to the lines. 

8) Mix dry pasta and lentils and give them "digger" utensils to push the stuff around.  You can hide things in the mix and let them hunt for all the missing items.