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 Feeding & Nutrition
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Tracy F.

Weekly Healthy Living Series - Week 3 Introduction

Tracy F. 6 years ago

About The Series:  Welcome back to our weekly recipe series.  Each Saturday, we will have a rotating guest expert here to give you nutrition advice, cooking and shopping tips and recipes to help you achieve healthy meals for your family.    Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified each week when the post is up.

This Week's Guest Expert:  We are excited to introduce Heng Ou, Founder of MotherBees

About MotherBees: MotherBees seeks to provide nourishing and healthful food for all mothers in our local Los Angeles communities.  They aim to provide better-tasting, fresher, and healthier foods - the way nature and their cultures of origin intended them to be.

A selfless nourisher by heart, Heng Ou, founder of MotherBees, is the leading expert at creating lovingly prepared meals that are designed specifically for new mothers and delivered to mother's homes, hospital rooms, and birthing centers during pregnancy and postpartum months.

Since MotherBees's conception in 2010, MotherBees has fed hundreds of women in the Los Angeles area and has been highly esteemed by Ana Paula Markel and Dr. Elliot Berlin. Using traditional and cultural ingredients, herbs, as well as farmers market produce, she uses food intently made for the need of a mother's life.

To learn more about MotherBees visit them online at http://motherbees.com