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Sandra-Sid P.

GREAT Nanny needs work Mon - Wed

Sandra-Sid P. 6 years ago

A great mom we know is looking for extra work for her current nanny MON-WED. She is WONDERFUL and very energetic.

Jenny Williamson is 31 lives in her Hermosa, getting her grad degree in spiritual psychology. She is amazing with children. Her current child she nannies took to her after the 1st visit and gets so excited to see her. She teaches her and focuses on her 100% (doesn't use cell ever!). While the child naps she works so hard around the house, cleans, cooks, goes above and beyond and she's totally happy to do it. 
She charges $15 per hour for one child. Please contact her to see hourly rate for 2 or more children.

If anyone is in search of a wonderful Nanny Mon - Wed ONLY, please feel free to contact Jenny Williamson.