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 Baby Gear
2 replies
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Krystle V.
Tracy F.

Toddler Life Jacket

Krystle V. 6 years ago

Can anyone suggest a good one? We were out on our boat today with my one yr old for the first time. I thought I purchased a good one but when she sits it rises and she cant bearly eat with it on. Suggestions? Thanks

Tracy F.
Tracy F. 6 years ago

We have one that is pretty good in terms of flotation but it also rises up.  I think when they are little and not very heavy yet it is hard to avoid.  what brand you have?

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 6 years ago

We have Sterns Infant. I am going to shop around this weekend. I really like it and she does not mind wearing it, but when she sits it chokes her...And she needs to sit :) If I find a good one I will be sure to share! I have seen some online that look a little like a V neck!