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 Child Safety
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Krystle V.
Tracy F.
Rachel A.
Ingvild L.
Christine K.

Swimming Lessons-Worth it at age 14 mths?

Krystle V. 6 years ago

Hi mamas, I want to enroll my daughter in swim lessons. Its expensive though so I want to make sure its worth it. Do you think she will get anything out of it at age 14 months? Its really important to me becuase we own a boat and are in the water a lot. But I want to make sure its worth it at this age? Has anything done lessons?

Tracy F.
Tracy F. 6 years ago

I have been wondering the same thing.  We have a pool and my son loves water.   I wanted to start him in swim classes at our house this summer, but I have heard conflicting things.  Some people say its not worth it before 2 years old and they won't really learn anything.    But I also know people who started their kids as babies and had great results in terms of basic water safety and being comfortable in water.    I always try to get a class for free anywhere I go to see how my son reacts to it before I commit.  

Rachel A.
Rachel A. 6 years ago

i wantes to know as well. i dod hear that when they are under one years old the naturally know how to hold their breath and from one to 18 months they have the natural reflex to roll to their backsides to float. my daughter is 11 months and considering to start a class in the next three months.

Ingvild L.
Ingvild L. 6 years ago


This video is a great view of what your child might learn from taking swimmin lessons at this age. Our daughter is 15 months now, and I really want to get her into swimming lessons so that she can feel safe and secure around/in water.

Christine K.
Christine K. 6 years ago

I see this question was posted a while ago, but thought I'd chime in as a former swim instructor. I taught children of all ages, including the parent and me classes. I found that the children who started earlier, as toddlers, often transitioned to actual swim lessons more comfortably. They were also very receptive to the water safety lessons and skills. 

I'm curious to hear other thoughts