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 Classes & Activities
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Edith R.
Jennie T.
Lorena A.
Tracy F.
Krystle V.
Cherie H.

Activities ?

Edith R. 6 years ago

I am a stay at home mom , I only have my one son (6 month old) . Pretty much I take care of him and be at home . Considering I am 19 and pretty young I like to go out but I do not know where are good places where me and my son can bond .

 Any ideas ?

Jennie T.
Jennie T. 6 years ago

I've been going to the New Moms Group at The Sanctuary on Venice Blvd since my 4 month old was 12 days old.  They have the New Moms Group (0 to 1 year old) on Tuesdays and the 6month - older group on Mondays.  This is a fantastic way to meet other mums.  They all go out to lots of activities (mostly free), such as the Monday Mommy Movie at the theater in downtown Culver City on Mondays at 11am where the theater dims the lights so you can still see everyone, and they set up changing tables.  They show new movies.  There are also other playdate activities, such as the park, etc.

I take my daughter to storytime at Books and Cookies every Thursday ($7 or buy five sessions and get one free).  I go to Zooga Yoga on Wednesdays.  I also signed up at My Gym on La Cienega near Venice Blvd and take my daughter to the Tiny Tykes class (3 month to 13 months) on Mondays at 11:45am and Wednesdays at 1pm.

Lorena A.
Lorena A. 6 years ago

Hi Edith, I don't where you are located, but I have a mom and baby pilates class tomorrow Friday at 9:45 am or on Saturday at 11 am. I will be also incorporating a stroller class with it as well in a couple of weeks. We are located in Glendale.

Tracy F.
Tracy F. 6 years ago

Hi Edith.   Mommy & Me is a great resource for you at this age stage as well as some of the mom/baby fitness programs like Lorena has mentioned.   What areas are most convenient for you to do activities?  We can recommend several options to try out.   Our calendar can provide you with a list of daily activities in many different areas.     Are you near a Pump Station?  They are a great resource and offer a wide variety of programs.   Don't forget about parks too.  They are a great  free resource in every neighborhood.

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 6 years ago

Agree parks are the best! I also love going walking with my daughter its a win win-she loves it and im getting a work out :)

Cherie H.
Cherie H. 6 years ago

Check out Caperz! You can enter your son's age and it'll tell you activities and classes you can do together.

Caperz helps you find fun activities and classes to do with your children. Share your plans and set up play dates with your friends too.