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 Feeding & Nutrition
3 replies
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Tracy F.
Krystle V.
Lisa C.
Mandee L.

Best bottle for infants?

Tracy F. 6 years ago

What is the best bottle to try with an infant who doesn't like taking bottles? 

Krystle V.
Krystle V. 6 years ago

I really liked dr. browns and never had any issues with it.

Lisa C.
Lisa C. 6 years ago

It's trial and error. My baby doesn't like using some, but loves others. We finally had to stick with the Playtex Nursers with the bottle liners. It kills me, because of the waste, but she won't drink out of other bottles. The one bottle that's ok for back up are Nuk. But we tried Dr. Browns and she hated them, we tried Avent, Honest Company, etc. Nothing worked except the Nursers.

Mandee L.
Mandee L. 6 years ago

Playtex nursers with the bottle liners were the best for us! It is unfortunately a lot of waste with the plastic liners, but on the bright side they're really easy to clean! The baby doesn't take in as much air because the liner collapses as they drink.