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AutumnRain G.

For family life insurance, one size does NOT fit all

AutumnRain G. 6 years ago

The newest post from the Momsurance blog:

When talking about setting up a safety net for your children, you have to keep in mind that there are a myriad of insurance resources out there, and each family is so unique, no two families will want to put the same strategy in place.  The only thing that holds true for all families is that no ONE policy will do the job on it’s own, not unless you have a ton of money to spend on it every month.  Even if you DID have a ton of money, why dump it all in one beast of a policy when you can save money by thinking smarter than that, putting multiple smaller policies into play that will do a better job for less out of your pocket.

Putting together the best strategy for a particular family is like building a mobile, you want it to balance just so when it’s complete.  You have to figure out exactly what pieces you want to use, how much of each, and where exactly they will go.  If you make the right choices, it’s a beautiful thing, seeing it balanced there perfectly, knowing your family and your children will be supported and protected no matter what.

The mistake a lot of families make is getting a life insurance policy for dad and maybe mom too, and calling it done.  That’s better than nothing true, unless they are term life policies and then they are just BARELY better than nothing, but more on that in another post… But the point is, having only a life insurance policy for parents is just a bare minimum amount of protection and planning.

If you would like me to come over and start tackling the job of creating your family’s best strategy based on your specific situation, please, call me.  There’s no charge or obligation when I come meet with you, find out your needs, and build the best solution for your family.  We can even come up with a budget, a timetable for putting each part of the strategy into place, and map out your family’s future with safety nets firmly in place every step of the way.   And as your family grows and changes, and your safety net strategy needs to change with it, and I can help you make that happen too.

To set up a free consultation, please call/text  Autumn 661.400.0867